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[Company operation]
1、To contract to design and develop communication, charging, supervision and electricity supply;
2、To contract to design and develop airing, fireproof, supervision;
3、To design secure facilities on freeways; 
4、To design facilities at the service center and house management; 
5、To value the environment of advanced roads and design environmental protection; 
6、To give building brains, computerize official work; 
7、To design and execute computer network and long-distance communication; 
8、To design and install the alarm system; 
9、To give advice to and supervise communication programs;
10、To sell and provide agency to general products and mechanic products;



Company addressThe 11 floor of Shanxi bond mansion on the No.2 Gaoxin 2 road of high open section, Xi'an, Shanxi, China
Company switchboard:029-8499705, 8482350,8496379  FAX029-8499714  P.W710075